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Petrolicious Explores a 1967 Lamborghini With Almost 300,000 Miles

Cars are meant to be driven.

What would you do with a Lamborghini from the 1960's? Chances are, with values beginning right around a cool half-a-million dollar mark, it would see the open road maybe once or twice a year, depending on how brave you are and how fat your wallet is. Owner Jack Riddell begs to differ, seeing as he has put close to 300,000 miles on his 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 since he purchased it in the 1970s. On the newest episode of Petrolicious, the team takes a look at what motivates the man who, short of factory tester Valentino Balboni, has likely logged more miles behind the wheel of a Lamborghini than nearly anyone else.

After searching for a 400GT for a long while Riddell finally sourced one from a small ad in the back of a newspaper in the 1970's. The price, which fell just north of $7,000, was out of his price range, but seeing as the seller was desperate to unload the car, he was able to talk the owner down to a more reasonable price.

Since then, Riddell has probably put more miles on his '67 than any other Lambo owner in existence. The car is no worse for the wear, either, with a healthy 4.0-liter V-12 that still howls along as strong as it left the factory floor.

To keep the car livable, he performed little upgrades under the hood, including adapting a Jaguar distributer hooked up to an MSD ignition system to reduce the amount of tuneups required.

Every year, the Lambo gets an additional 1,000 miles on the clock, as Jack has charted 34,000 miles alone from annual trips up to Monterrey for the Pebble Beach festivities over the course of 34 years.

Take a look at the newest episode of Petrolicious in the video below.