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Pastrana, Dodge Dart Take First Place in New Hampshire Global Rally Cross

The Ford Fiesta has been a dominant model in Rally Cross competition, but the Fiesta may be facing a new competitor in the Dodge Dart. Travis Pastrana piloted his Dart to take the checkered flag at the Global Rally Cross win in Loudon, New Hampshire. Coming off a disappointing performance at the Los Angeles X Games, in which he crashed out early in the competition, the victory was especially sweet for Pastrana.

The New Hampshire course was one of the more technical of the season, with a chicane, moguls, dirt, a tabletop jump, a 180-degree hairpin turn and a 70-foot gap jump. Pastrana qualified third-fastest in the Dodge Dart, and won his heat race, which gave him favorable placement for the finals.

Pastrana was ecstatic at his New Hampshire victory, and said, "It's been so long, I almost forgot what it's like to win."

The top five finishers behind Pastrana in the Dodge Dart were Samuel Hubinette in second place driving a Saab 9-3, Brian Deegan in third, Tanner Foust in Fourth, and Ken block taking fifth, all driving Ford Fiestas.

Although the victory is significant in Pastrana's disappointing year, it's equally significant for Chrysler, which is counting on the Dodge Dart to make the company a major player in the compact sedan segment against the Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

Source: Chrysler, ESPN Motorsports