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Part Shortage Idles GM Crossover Plant for One Week

It seems Ford isn't the only automaker suffering from parts shortages. General Motors announced it must idle its crossover plant in Delta Township, Michigan, for one weekbecause ofa "critical parts shortage."

Unlike Ford, GM has not announced what caused the shortage, be it supplier or self-imposed mishap. Ford announced last week that labor violence in India caused a parts shortage that meant it would have to idle its crossover plant as well.

By idling its Delta Township plant, GM will lose production of around 3600 GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave crossovers. The plant now produces 900 of the vehicles per day during four, 10-hour workdays. We've not heard if the shortage affects the Chevrolet Traverse, although GM is still working on shifting production of that model from Spring Hill, Tennessee, to the Delta Township facility.

As a result of the shutdown, around 2700 hourly and salaried employees will be laid off for the week. Only some skilled trades workers will remain at the factory to continue retooling the line for Traverse production.

"At this time we anticipate only being down one week," says GM spokeswoman Heidi Magyar. "We'll continue to monitor the situation and notify employees."