Paris 2010: Lamborghini, Callaway Partner to Develop Forged Composite

The last time the name Callaway was mentioned on this site was in reference to a noted Corvette tuner looking to craft a high-performance Chevrolet pickup truck. This time, however, the Callaway refers to Callaway Golf, which has officially a partnership with Lamborghini to develop future technologies and introduce a high-strength material dubbed Forged Composite.

Forged Composite is a carbon fiber-based composite composed of 500,000 intertwined fibers, which appeared in Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento concept car shown in Paris. Lamborghini claims the material has one-third the density of titanium but can still withstand high levels of force, and played a significant role in keeping the concept’s weight under 2200 pounds.

“The introduction of the Forged Composite technology allowed Lamborghini to realize the monocoque and the suspension arms of the Sesto Elemento with groundbreaking quality and costs levels,” Lamborghini’s director of research and development Maurizio Reggiani said. “Our next challenge is to make this technology a standard for low volume productions.”

The partnership will benefit both Callaway and Lamborghini, which have reportedly been working together for several years already on technology development, to strengthen their respective products while keeping weight down. Callaway will feature Forged Composite materials in its latest line of golf equipment.

While Lamborghini hasn’t announced whether or not it will produce the Sesto Elemento, we can expect Forged Composite technology itself to be featured prominently in the automaker’s future endeavors.

For our First Look at the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, click HERE. For more Paris coverage, stay with Automobile Magazine.

Source: Lamborghini

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