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Parallel Park this 8-Bit 2015 Honda Fit, Win A Real One

Remember 8-bit driving video games like Spy Hunter and Pole Position? Honda is bringing the 80s back with a new promotion for the 2015 Honda Fit called the Honda Fit Challenge. In this online game, you're tasked to drive around in a pixelated version of the new Fit subcompact to try and parallel park the car in eight levels of increasing difficulty.

The game is an entertaining workplace diversion at the very least, and it's complete with retro sound effects and music for the full 80s effect. As you complete different levels, various "Fit Facts" pop up to highlight features of the 2015 Honda Fit like its standard backup camera, expanded-view driver's mirror, and the optional lane-watch side camera system that all make for greater all-around visibility.

If the virtual version isn't enough for you, Honda is staging a real-life Honda Fit Challenge in Los Angeles. Entering in the sweepstakes on the online game means that you're eligible to win a trip to California to participate in the parallel parking challenge on July 25, 2014. The winner of this challenge will take home the grand prize: a 2015 Honda Fit. If you don't win, you can always buy yourself a new Fit from just $16,315.

Go here to play the Honda Fit Challenge online game, and check out the zany video below that explains what this competition is all about.