Oklahoma Residents can buy Chinese Electric Car for $865

In the U.S., there are only a few electric vehicles on the road and the majority of them carry fairly hefty pricetags. Chinese cars are also usually only seen at auto shows in the U.S. Kandi, however, is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer whose Coco electric car can currently be bought for only $865.

Unfortunately, only people living in Oklahoma qualify for this incredibly low price. The Federal government will give buyers $4435 back on the purchase of one of these cars, and an Oklahoma state tax credit takes another $5299 off for a combined rebate of $9734. With the Kandi’s price of $10,599, this translates to a final price of $865.

For that $865 you get a Kandi Coco neighborhood electric vehicle. It has a top speed of 25 mph and can be driven on streets with speed limit of 35 mph and under.

The subsidies allowing Oklahoma residents to purchase this car so cheaply expire at the end of the year, so act quickly if you want a cheap neighborhood electric car. Check out the Kandi Coco here at