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Aston Martin SUV Officially Coming Next Year

But probably not in monster truck form

To celebrate April Fool's Day this year, Aston Martin released a rendering of the DBX concept that had been turned into a monster truck (shown above). It was a ridiculous image, but Aston Martin really is serious about building an SUV. We've known about Aston's SUV plans for a while, but now we know when the vehicle will go into production.

Aston Martin recently announced that the second stage of expansion at its St Athan facility had been completed. With that milestone, the British automaker now has the space to build its first SUV. And with construction completed on time, Aston Martin says the DBX is on track to start production "in late 2019."

In the past, we've heard similar rumors, but it wasn't always clear whether the DBX would be on sale at that time or if that was when the production version would be revealed. There was also a question of production delays as Aston Martin worked to convert three former aircraft hangers into modern car factories. That no longer appears to be an issue.

We still don't know much about Aston's first SUV, although we do know it won't retain the two-door layout of the DBX concept (pictured below).

"There are aspects of the car that have changed dramatically, perhaps none more so than the fact that it is now a four-door," said CEO Andy Palmer last August.

He did, however, say the production DBX would still share some design similarities with the concept and that there will be a hybrid option.

With the facility completed and production on track, look for Aston Martin to reveal the production DBX soon, potentially at next year's Geneva motor show.