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No Scirocco For U.S. Market

The Volkswagen Scirocco will not be sold in the United States after all. After seeing the IROC concept in Paris last year, we have been eagerly hoping for word from Volkswagen that it would bring the sporty Golf-based coupe to our shores. Apparently the company has decided that move would not make good business sense, predictions being that GTI sales would be compromised by having two similar products on showroom floors, especially with the new high-powered, all-wheel drive R32 being introduced this summer.

Although this may be true, we think the Scirocco would have been a great addition to the U.S. lineup if the vehicle were designed appeal to distinctly different buyers than the GTI. We envisioned the Scirocco being offered with more power than the GTI, 4motion as an option, and a stiffer suspension - items that, along with a great looking body, would have provided the automaker with an image car that it is currently lacking. But then again, we're just enthusiasts, what do we know about actual business stuff.

Head to the forum we've linked below if you want to voice your mind about this decision, or at least just vent your frustration.