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No June Gloom for Kia, Hyundai—Sales Continue to Climb

Hyundai and Kia have been following a very successful formula of combining fresh styling with impressive fuel economy numbers, bringing out models that are easy on the eyes and easy on the gas tank, like the Hyundai Sonata and the Kia Soul.

Hyundai - Up 26 Percent

Repetition can sometimes put you in a rut, but not for Hyundai, as it's posting its sixth consecutive month of all-time record sales. The Korean automaker sold 59,209 vehicles in June—just 5 vehicles shy of last month's sales of 59,214. Total sales are up 26 percent for the year, and up 16 percent from June of last year. Neither the Elantra and Sonata reached the 20,000 mark like they did in April and May, but it was close, selling 19,992 and 18,644, respectively. Though the Accent was doing better last year at 4615, more people opted for it in June, selling 3612 units compared to May at 1529 units, likely due to the all-new 2012 model just hitting the showrooms. The Santa Fe and Tucson crossovers also did slightly better than last month along with the Genesis coupe/sedan, while the luxurious Equus sold no more or less than last month at 221. With the launch of the Veloster right around the corner, the newest addition to the lineup will further boost the number of the 40 mpg-ers, which accounted for 40 percent of vehicles sold in June.

Kia - Up 41.2 Percent

Kia is also welcoming the money flow and making history posting the best quarterly sales performance of 140,330 units. No June gloom for the automaker; It sold 45,044 vehicles, with the Sorento crossover leading the way with 10,013 units sold. The launch of the Sorento hasn't hurt Sportage sales, as the smaller SUV sold 4377 vehicles, just 361 less than last month's numbers of 4738. It's no surprise the funky Soul continues to shine; there's a reason so many editions have been launched. The Soul posted 11,314 for June compared to 10,459 last May. The Optima comes in behind the Forte, selling 7,099 and 8191, respectively.

Source: Hyundai, Kia

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