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Nissan Rogue Warrior Tackles Ski Slopes With Snowmobile Tracks

That’s one way to reach the top of a mountain.

To demonstrate what the brand's all-wheel-drive lineup is capable of, Nissan pulled the covers off a specially modified Nissan Rogue.

Called the Nissan Rogue Warrior, the one-of-a-kind crossover takes a page out of rally driver and all-around Hoonigan Ken Block, who famously added a series of "snowmobile" tracks to his Ford F-150 Raptor. The Rogue Warrior wears 48-inch tall tracks on each of the four wheels, allowing the Rogue to decimate any snowy terrain with ease.

The Rogue was converted by Quebec-based Motorsports in Action, who made changes to the suspension to accommodate the huge tracks. In addition, custom snow guards and slight body modifications prevent large-scale snow build up.

According to Nissan, the Rogue Warrior is able to reach speeds up to 62 mph, and scale a 45-degree grade.

As if launching a tracked Rogue wasn't enough, the Rogue Warrior hit the ski slopes with Olivier Bedard, the 2015 Micra Cup champion behind the wheel. In a new video, Olivier acts as ski lift for a group of bored slope-goers, and drags the lot of them up to the top of the slope. When they arrive, he acts a tugboat and pulls them down the slope behind him as well.

Take a look at the insane Nissan Rogue Warrior tackle the slopes in the video below.