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Seeing Out of the Nissan IMQ Concept Looks Impossible

We'll learn more about the concept next week.

With the Geneva Motor Show coming next month, it seems like every automaker has begun teasing their upcoming reveals. From Mitsubishi's Engelberg Tourer concept to this Mazda crossover, we've been slowly getting a better idea of what will be at the show. Today, Nissan got in on the action with this sketch of a concept it calls the IMQ.

Nissan has kept most of the details to itself, so it's hard to say much about the IMQ. In fact, the press release was only three sentences long. But we do know that it "embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and gives a sneak peek as to what might be in your future driveway." So maybe it will eventually go into production in some form?

Since we only have a design sketch to look at, it's possible the actual concept will look much more production-ready than what we see here. But if the IMQ does go into production, it looks like it will be a nightmare to park. Forget the nonexistent rear visibility. Drivers will have a hard time seeing through the tiny windshield. In comparison, the Chevrolet Camaro would seem like it had the visibility of a Fiat Jolly.

Then again, maybe visibility won't matter. For all we know, the "Intelligent" in Intelligent Mobility could mean this is one of those autonomous concepts that envisions a distant future where self-driving technology finally exists and you only need to see out of the car to laugh at the silly people still driving themselves.

Either way, we'll find out on March 5 when Nissan officially reveals the IMQ concept.