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Nifty Nissan IMk Concept Is the Ultimate Urban EV Commuter for Tokyo

IMk—how about you? Oh, kei.

Nissan is rolling out a new type of boxy electric car for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show—the IMk (Intelligent Mobility for the brand, the "k" is for kei?) concept electric vehicle is a Copper-colored cutie for trendy urban types who live on teeny streets, the kind you'd find in Japan.

It rides on an all-new EV platform with one electric motor and it is smaller than a modern Mini (except in headroom), measuring in at approximately 135.2 x 59.5 x 64.7 inches (L x W x H). Other stats and more details will likely be announced at this year's show later this month.

IMk is equipped with the latest ProPilot advanced driver assistance tech with a remote parking app that allows it to park itself. It's packed with other cool connectivity features that can be accessed via a smartphone according to Nissan.

"The exterior is simple and minimal," said Satoru Tai, Nissan executive design director in a video about the concept. "To avoid interrupting the flowing surfaces, the exterior has no door handles."

Or side mirrors, just cameras instead. IMk draws on Nissan's new design directive called "Timeless Japanese Futurism," so maybe you can just teleport inside the haute hatch.

Up front, it gets a groovy modern V-shaped shield instead of a grille that is flanked by three beady little LED headlights above illuminated light wings on each side—look out Lexus. The bumper, wheels, and roof design echo the flow of Japanese decorative twine called mizuhiki.

Above the kei, light streams in through roof slates on its glass roof. Naturally, it's autonomous driving friendly and sports a comfortable living space for its occupants with dark-coffee colored carpeting on the floor.

"It was influenced by the Japanese approach of materials first," says Shinji Hirosawa, Nissan color and material designer who also appears in the video.

Inside, the Akagane (reddish-copper) color accents and wood trim surround the driver and passenger in floating cloud inspired lounge chairs. The minimalist dash features a transparent prism monitor that displays floating information via an holographic display—we're not sure how that will play out during high noon sunlight, but it looks cool in the video below.