Nissan Demonstrates Dirt-Repellant Car Paint

Although our friends from Meguiar’s have ten easy steps for cleaning up a car that’s been sullied by water, the ultimate detailing dream is a car that never gets dirty.

Called Ultra-Ever Dry, the special paint finish is, “super-hydrophobic and oleophobic,” meaning it repels both water and oils. While the car doesn’t actually clean itself, the new coating is said to prevent splashes from puddles or road spray, as well as road salt that’s deployed in the winter, from sticking to the car’s surface. Nissan claims that drivers, “may never have to clean their car again.” OK, that’s optimistic, but we’re intrigued.

Engineers at the Nissan Technical Center Europe demonstrated the effectiveness of the coating in a video by painting only half of a European-market Note hatchback (sold here as the Versa Note) with Ultra-Ever Dry. The half that wasn’t treated ended up covered in mud and water splashes, whereas dirt and grime simply slid off the other half of the car.

Nissan says there are no plans to use the Ultra-Ever Dry dirt-repellant coating, which is made by UltraTech International of Jacksonville, Florida, as standard on its future models. However, the automaker might consider offering the self-cleaning coating as an aftermarket add-on in the future.

For a demonstration of the Ultra-Ever Dry coating in action on a Nissan Note, check out the video below.