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Nissan Asks Leaf Owners to Suggest "Leaf Wave" for EV Drivers

Waving at drivers of particular vehicles helps establish a sort of camaraderie -- an acknowledgment that both you and the waving stranger have the same excellent taste in cars. Chevrolet Corvette, Jeep Wrangler, and even Volkswagen Beetle drivers have all been known to wave at each other when passing on the road. But what about drivers of electric cars?

A new post on the official Facebook page for the Nissan Leaf asks drivers of the electric car to suggest "some fun ways to say 'hello' to each other" when driving. The post says Facebook fans have until the end of Thursday, July 28 to submit a photo of their suggested gesture, after which Nissan will reveal which Leaf Wave -- and we quote -- "waves supreme."

The Leaf's social-networking entry suggests three rather generic gestures for greeting other Leaf drivers: an open-palm wave, a V-for-victory sign, or curling the fingers into a circle (presumably signifying zero emissions). "Saying 'hello' to a Leaf owner isn't just an act of kindness," says Nissan, "It's a sign of camaraderie."

We think Nissan is missing the point: Leaf drivers need a variety of gestures depending on the situation. A somewhat lewd wave, for instance, could be employed when Leaf owners encounter Hummers or other large SUVs on the road. A special panicked wave could signal that the Leaf has exhausted its battery charge and requires a tow truck. And a sort of ambivalent shrug could be used to warn other motorists that the Leaf must drive slowly so as to conserve electrical energy. Think of it as electric-car semaphore!

In all seriousness, we think the Leaf Wave is a fun way to encourage electric-car drivers to befriend one another. Fortunately, with only about 4000 Leafs on American roads so far, you won't have to wave too often. Got a suggestion for a Leaf Wave? Submit to Nissan's Facebook page and explain your suggestion in the comments section below.

Source: Nissan