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New Tesla Model S P90D “Ludicrous Speed” Goes 0-60 MPH in 2.8 Seconds

Single-motor Model S 70 base model lowers price to $70,000.

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The highest-performance Tesla Model S gets even quicker thanks to a new "Ludicrous Speed" mode (Elon Musk must be a big "Spaceballs" fan). In combination with a newly optional 90-kWh battery pack, this new mode brings 0-60 mph acceleration down to 2.8 seconds (from a quoted 3.2 seconds for the P85D model). This larger battery pack is offered as an upgrade from the existing 85-kWh model, creating new 90, 90D, and P90D models.

Upgrading from the 85-kWh battery pack to the 90-kWh pack costs $3,000 extra and adds around 15 miles of range. The current 85 model has an EPA rating of 265 miles in rear-wheel drive models and 253 miles of range in all-wheel-drive 85D models (pictured above). This upgrade means that the P90D is the highest-performance Tesla Model S, and the Model S 90 will be the version of the car with the greatest range. Elon Musk says that it's not recommended for current 85 owners to upgrade to the larger capacity yet, as the company plans to increase capacity by another 5 percent next year.

Ludicrous Speed mode is a $10,000 option for the P90D model that enables a higher maximum amperage of 1500 watts thanks to a smart fuse for the battery pack. Not only is 0-60 mph acceleration time improved by 5 percent, but the quarter-mile time also drops to 10.9 seconds. The Ludicrous Mode battery pack upgrade will also be offered for $5,000 plus installation to existing Model S P85D owners for improved acceleration, though that won't include an upgrade to the larger 90-kWh battery.

New entry-level Model S 70

After launching the all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S 70D (pictured below) as the base model earlier this year, Tesla will now offer a rear-wheel-drive, 70-kWh Model S for $5,000 less. The Tesla Model S 70 starts at $70,000 and is the most affordable Tesla to date. Range is 230 miles on a full charge, and power output of 328 hp is only slightly less than the 70D.

For clarity's sake, this means that the Tesla Model S lineup now includes 70, 70D, 85, 85D, P85D, 90, 90D, and P90D versions, with varying range options, power outputs, and prices.

Next Roadster coming in 4 years

In a news conference, Musk also confirmed that a next-generation Tesla Roadster is coming in approximately 4 years. No other details were provided on this new model, but expect it to have considerably better performance than the current, Lotus-based Roadster that's been on sale since 2008.

The Tesla Model X SUV is apparently still on track for deliveries starting in the next two months, and the Tesla Model 3 sedan is set to arrive in two years. Stay tuned for more news on Tesla's future models and further upgrades to the current Model S.