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New Ford Sync Connect Smartphone App Launches on 2017 Ford Escape

Lock, unlock, and start your car from your smartphone.

Ford will make it even easier for owners to keep tabs on their cars with the new Sync Connect smartphone app. Launching on the 2017 Ford Escape in spring 2016 and then rolling out to other models with Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system, the Sync Connect app allows owners to check the status of their car from anywhere in the world.

As on similar telematics apps from other automakers, the Ford Sync Connect app will let owners check lock or unlock their car, and check its vital signs like fuel and oil levels, battery charge, and tire pressures. Owners can even find the car's location on a map, helping avoid the embarrassing hunt up and down city streets to locate your parked car.

While many similar apps allow drivers to start their car remotely, Ford Sync Connect adds a slight twist. With the "future start" option, owners pick the time at which they want to leave home, and the car will start ahead of time so that it is already heated or air-conditioned when he or she is ready to leave.

All compatible Ford cars will come with five years' free Sync Connect service. Stay tuned for details on which other vehicles will offer the service after the 2017 Ford Escape launches in the spring.