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New Swincar Off-Road Vehicle Has Insane Suspension Articulation

Off-road weapon from France.

Lightweight, skinny wheels, electric powertrain, and an independent suspension. Sound like the perfect formula for an off-road weapon? Probably not. However, a new French company has created what appears to be one of the most capable off-road toys we have seen in action using this very same formula, resulting in something that appears to have climbed out of a science-fiction film.

The spiderlike vehicle is aptly called the Swincar, with a strange and mesmerizing independent suspension mounted primarily on four gargantuan control arms. Each of the four dirtbike-thin wheels features its own two horsepower motor, allowing for unbeatable stability over rough terrain.

The unique chassis of the Swincar allows for a interesting pendulum motion, relying on centripetal force to transfer the weight while turning. This natural articulation allows for the Swincar to remain upright on extremely uneven slopes and terrain, highly reducing the chance for a rollover.

Any downsides to this crazy contraption? Well, the extensive use of aluminum in primary components may not have the rugged reliability needed for high-impact trails, and the ground clearance appears to be extremely limited. That being said, the Swincar rips through ruts and rivulets where a larger, heavier, and more cumbersome truck or SUV would fail to squeeze through.

The best part? They caught the Swincar on video to showcase the four wheeler in its element. Take a look at the video below.