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New Plant in Mexico to Increase Mazda3 Sales Potential in 2014

Although it doesn't sell in the massive numbers of the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, the Mazda3 has long been one of the favorite compact models of enthusiasts, offering a more engaging driving experience than most other vehicles in its class. The Mazda3 is nowhere close to unseating the Civic or Corolla, but could see a major sales increase in 2014, Automotive News reports, thanks to production output from Mazda's recently-opened plant in Salamanca, Mexico. Added output from the plant will supplement Mazda3 imports from Japan.

"We're going to be in good shape," Tom Carey, chairman on Mazda's national dealer council said at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting this weekend in New Orleans. The added production from Mexico should allow sales to increase as much as 20 percent in 2014, potentially allowing Mazda3 sales to top 125,000 units for the upcoming year. The brand is reportedly on track to exceed 300,000 units for 2014. Mazda also said the brand had a sales goal of 400,000 units a year by 2016.

However, the Honda Civic alone sold 336,180 units for 2013, topping the next-best selling Toyota Corolla, which sold 302,180 units. Mazda sold 104,713 Mazda3 compacts in 2013, making it the brand's best-selling model for the year, followed by the CX-5 crossover at 79,554.