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Moving Furniture with a Chevrolet Aveo5

It must run in the family. Decades ago, my dad was able to pack quite a bit into a Chevrolet Chevette. Yesterday, I did the same - albeit with a different Chevrolet subcompact.

I wasn't planning on moving furniture last night, but upon receiving a 2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 for the evening, my mind quickly focused on the car's hatchback bodystyle - and the fact that my roommate and I needed a new TV stand. Perhaps our "need" was subjective, but we can only balance a 20-inch TV and a stereo receiver on a milk carton for so long...

Luckily, a local thrift store happened to have the solution - a TV stand/ stereo cabinet combination for a paltry $13. Nothing fancy, but it wasn't too huge - a key point for getting it home last night. In a daring (re: stupid) move, I bought the cabinet without measuring its dimensions, assuming just folding the rear seats down would suffice.

Not quite. With the help of two other shoppers, I had the unit into the hatch, only to realize the cargo area's not that tall. Flipping it sideways helped, though it was still a bit too long. Following a few more minutes of what amounted to automotive Tetris (which included sliding both front seats way forward), I had it in without any problem.

Was there room to spare? Not really. Perhaps clever packagers could make do with space in the rear footwells or above the entertainment center, but there wasn't room for an additional passenger. There was barely room for me. My knees were frequently butted up against the dashboard - an unusual occurrence, even in a car like the Aveo.