More Performance Specs, Photos, Video, Released on 2011 Hennessey Venom GT

It may be loosely based on the Lotus Elise, but the 2011 Hennessey Venom GT is a beast unto itself, and we have the specs to prove it.

We've kept you updated on the Venom GT's unveiling and first spy shots. With the first Venom on its way to a customer in the United Arab Emirates, Hennessey has released more information about Venom engine choices, as well as a plethora of automotive eye candy.

The big news is information on the Venom GT's powerplants and performance numbers. We had previously estimated blow-your-doors-off numbers, but Hennessey has confirmed acceleration figures for its mid-range -- aka 1000-horsepower -- engine. The other two engines produce, respectively, 725 and 1200 horsepower, tuned from a 6.2-liter Chevrolet V-8.

The manufacturer has also released a video of the first production Venom GT on YouTube.

Hennessey indicates a top speed, in sixth gear, of 260 mph. With that amount of power to move a car lighter than a Toyota Corolla, expect the Venom GT to exceed your wildest expectations.

That is, if you're ever lucky enough to see one. Hennessey plans to build fewer than a dozen examples per year.

Performance figures (mfr.)

0 - 62 mph: 2.9 seconds

0 - 124 mph: 7.0 seconds

0 - 186 mph: 14.9 seconds

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