Mopar Launches Jeep Map Hood Decals

In-car GPS? Please. Mopar wants hardcore off-road enthusiasts to paste a decal of their favorite trails directly onto the hood of their Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, or Wrangler. The new custom Mopar hood decals can be ordered online and display a topographical map right on the vehicle's hood.

While it's hard to imagine using a giant sticker as your primary navigation tool, the Mopar hood decals are a cool way to dress up a Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, or Wrangler that regularly goes off the beaten path. Owners can pick from several pre-selected off-road trails online, including well-known locales like the Rubicon Trail and Moab's Hell's Revenge, or pick their own map region using an online tool. When creating the maps, users pick whether to show topographical elements, streets, or both, and can add a bulls-eye to mark a favorite campsite or rest stop.

The Mopar hood decals are made from 3M vinyl films and come with a three-year warranty against fading. Although your dealership will happily charge to install the decal, Mopar says that owners could apply the decal themselves. Either way, once buyers create and order a hood decal online for $295, it will be shipped to a nearby Jeep dealership.

"Mopar's new Jeep Custom Hood Decals allow owners to literally place their imprint on a vehicle and display the geography of their Jeep passion for the entire world to see," Mopar president and CEO Pietro Gorlier said in a statement.

The Mopar hood decals are available for the 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler, 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee, and the 2011-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. To create your own giant Mopar hood decals for any of those models, click here.

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