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Mini Teams Up with Autohome for New Countryman Rooftop Tent

Beats sleeping on the ground

Mini is putting the 'country' into its Countryman SUV by launching a new rooftop tent for its biggest offering. The Anglo-German automaker worked with the tent specialists at Autohome to create an OEM-quality product that is large enough to comfortably sleep two people. It attaches to the Countryman's roof rails and, when stowed, appears as a traditional roof box that generates minimal wind resistance.

Once the tent box is installed, the tent can be deployed by releasing three safety clasps. There is no need to struggle with handles, poles, and ties - the tent automatically raises via its four gas struts.

Inside the rain-proof tent is a "high-density" mattress with cotton cover and a battery-powered LED light. There are two zippable windows, two doors, and interior storage in the form of wall-mounted pockets. Ingress and egress is easy - a stainless steel ladder is provided with the tent.

Unfortunately, this pop-top won't be available in the U.S. market, so us Yanks will have to make do with sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Interested would-be campers outside of the U.S. should talk to their Mini dealership for pricing and availability.