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Mini E to Recharge Using Renewable Energy in Munich

As part of a new renewable energy project with E.ON, BMW is sending 15 electric-powered Mini E models to Munich, Germany, to test out a new type of charging station.

"We announced today the launch of emissions-free mobility in the streets of Munich," said Dr. Klaus Draeger, a member of BMW's Executive Board for Research and Development.

"In Munich, 15 Mini E's will be provided for the test fleet with E.ON. In the coming months, Mini will be able to collect more than 600 customers' experiences with the Mini E worldwide. These findings are in a series of projects for the BMW Group."

Neither company has released details on exactly how these charging stations are powered, other than saying they source their electricity from renewable sources (e.g. solar cells). Although driving an electric vehicle produces no emissions from the vehicle itself, using electricity sourced from coal or nuclear power plants carries a form of environmental impact. Using renewable energy to power the Mini E would, in theory, render it completely emission-free.

Deliveries of the Mini E began this spring in California, and a total of 600 cars will be leased to customers in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and Munich. Customers will use the cars for one year, providing BMW plenty of insight on how EV's are typically used and perform in the real world.