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The Mid-Engine Corvette Reveal Location Has Itself Been Revealed

What, didn’t you get an invite?

We already knew the next-generation Corvette—the first-ever production mid-engine model—will be revealed on July 18, 2019. But now we know where that will take place, as Chevy plans to roll out the C8 somewhere in Orange County, California. That's about an hour south of Los Angeles—unless it's rush hour, in which case it's about a month south.

The exclusive invitation comes from "Your friends at Chevy" and reads as follows:


Clear your schedule. Chevrolet will introduce the Next Generation Corvette to the world the evening of July 18, 2019, and you're invited. Though it's the sum of each generation before it, the first mid-engine Corvette will stand alone as the new standard of performance.

The once-in-lifetime show will take place in Orange County, California. If you weren't excited enough already, here's a peek at what's coming your way:

The text leads into a 20-second video that shows an original Corvette logo that morphs into the C8's updated one and asks "Is your seatbelt fastened?" before smash-cutting to images of a test driver (none other than Zora Arkus-Duntov himself), a pilot prepping for take-off, a NASA Apollo mission rocket launch, a jet fighter, and experimental track-testing footage from the C8 windshield. There are also vintage Corvettes testing over the years, and images of the most recent camouflaged C8 prototypes. It's a lot to take in.

The actual location of the venue is still a mystery, but we'd guess it's likely to take place near the county's richest zip code of 92662, and since parking is limited on Balboa Island, we'd bet even money the new Corvette will be revealed somewhere in Newport Beach or Costa Mesa. But that's a guess and even if we did know, we probably wouldn't tell you. Why? Because we don't want our invite revoked.