Men of the Years: Every Automobile Magazine Man of the Year Since 1990

1994: Thomas C. Gale

Designer, Chrysler

Part of the driving force behind the LH cars (AoY 1993) and the Dodge Neon, 1994 Automobile of the Year

In our words: “Chrysler’s heady design momentum is largely due to Tom Gale’s enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to work cooperatively in the platform team system…Make no mistake: Tom Gale is one of us. Chrysler is much better for it.”
In his own words: About the attention: “It’s flattering. It’s really nice. But there’s only one letter’s difference between champ and chump. It happens so fast that you’d best not lose your perspective. Look at what Ford did with the Taurus and the Sable, truly benchmarks…when you see stuff that good you say to yourself, nobody goes to sleep.”
What happened next: Gale’s cars  had varying levels of success–Plymouth Prowler not so much, Dodge Viper, Dakota, Ram, and Neon very much so–but he retired from Chrysler in 2000 credited with helping save Chrysler from bankruptcy with his products…twice.