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McLaren Reportedly Confirms 570S Spider Variant

Wind in your hair, twin-turbo V-8 noise in your ears

The McLaren 570S is getting another variant. To go along with its 540C and 570GT siblings, the Sport Series 570S will also receive an open-top Spider iteration to be launched later this year. Who doesn't love open top supercars?

The upcoming 570S Spider will be powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 found in the other Sport Series cars, which develops 562 hp and 443 lb-ft. As for the drop-top's operation, the 570S Spider will likely see a very similar folding hard-top roof as was equipped in the 650S Spider. Weight will likely increase, but given that the engineers at McLaren are notorious in their quest for keeping weight at a minimum, it isn't expected to climb drastically.

Performance also undoubtedly won't see a decrease as the 570S Spider will likely match the 570S' credentials, such as its 3.2-second 0-62 mph time and 205 mph top speed. However, where the coupe and drop-top may more greatly show their differences will likely be in price.

The 570S starts at $188,000, and in the past with the 650S and 650S Spider, the difference between the coupe and drop-top saw a $20,000 difference in price, with the drop-top being more expensive. With that in mind, we wouldn't be surprised to see the 570S Spider tiptoeing over $200,000.

For those in markets that have the more affordable 540C, you're out of drop-top luck, as speaking with Autocar, McLaren's boss, Mike Flewitt said, "With the 540C, by the time you add options it can cost the same as a 570S, which is why we only offer it in certain markets. And because of that, it doesn't make sense to do a 540C Spider. There will never be a 540GT either."

Look for the 570S Spider to debut later this year, most likely at either the Frankfurt or Los Angeles auto shows in the fall.