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McLaren Creates Incredible P1 GTR to Celebrate Senna’s First F1 Championship

More power, increased downforce

McLaren is commemorating the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's first Formula 1 driver's championship with a special P1 GTR. Along with exterior design changes, it features aerodynamic upgrades that provide even more downforce than the standard model.

The owner, a McLaren collector, spent the past three years working with McLaren on the project to commemorate Senna. It features a red and white paint job as a nod to the Marlboro livery worn by the team's F1 cars back in the day and Senna's number 12 on the nose. You'll also find Senna badging, 30th anniversary laurels, and the Brazilian flag on the exterior.

The standard McLaren P1 GTR, which is now out of production, made 986 horsepower from its hybrid powertrain. Although we don't know the exact specifications of the bespoke model, the owner says it gets a "suitably pleasing" increase in power. The engine boasts 24-karat gold heat shielding, a Lexan rear cover, and modified shrouds.

Additionally, the car has a wider front splitter and new front dive planes. At the rear, a Gurney flap and new barge boards better direct airflow along the sides of the car, and the massive rear wing boasts bigger endplates. The aerodynamic updates are said to increase downforce to roughly 1,764 pounds, although the speed at which it's made is unstated. Incidentally, this is the same amount of downforce the new Senna hypercarnamed for the Brazilian driver, natch—can create at 155 mph.

Inside, the bespoke P1 has a reproduction of Senna's signature on the carbon-fiber chassis sill, along with one of his quotations. Alcantara trim was used throughout the cabin, including on the steering wheel, which has stitching to match the wheel of Senna's original 1988 MP4/4. The seats from the McLaren Senna were installed, too. The car is an incredibly cool and meticulously detailed homage to a racing legend, and we certainly approve.