Mazda6 Recalled Over Spider Scare, Chrysler Minivans and Honda Civic Hybrid Also Up for Fixes

The newest set of vehicles to be recalled include the Mazda6, Honda Civic Hybrid, and some Chrysler minivans.

2010 Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Journey AWD

The Problem: A problem with the wireless ignition node (WIN) module may cause the Town & Country, Grand Caravan, or Journey AWD key to inadvertently go from Run to Accessory without warning. That would immediately shut off the engine, which would not only be a nuisance but a safety hazard too.

The Fix: Dealers will replace WIN modules for free.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 248,437

2009-2010 Mazda6

The Problem: It's the attack of the arachnids. Mazda says a certain type of unspecified spider could leave a web in the Mazda6 fuel tank's evaporate canister vent line and block it. This could cause excessive vacuum (when the vapors attempt to purge) and eventually lead to the tank cracking due to negative pressure stress. Apparently, there was at least one reported case where a spider web was found.

The Fix: Mazda6s not invaded by spiders will get their vent lines cleaned and fitted with a spring to prevent future spiders from entering. The Powertrain Control Model will also be reprogrammed to prevent excessive negative fuel tank pressure.

Additionally, confirmed fuel tank damage will lead to a new tank and check valve for the canister vent line.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 52,000

2006-2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

The Problem: The DC-to-DC converter, a crucial part of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system, is at risk of failing. Without the converter, the gas engine may stall and the headlights would fail.

The Fix: Honda hasn't specified a repair action yet, but Civic Hybrid owners will soon be able to verify with Honda whether their vehicle needs to be fixed or not.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 36,656

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