Lotus Releases New Pictures of 2015 Lineup: Esprit, Elise, Elite, Elan

Hollywood and cars just seem to go together right? Lotus seems to think so as the British sports car firm took advantage of the Los Angeles Auto Show and brought its future lineup to Hollywood for some photographs.

While there's nothing new to report here on the car front, we do get so see some stunning photographs. The pictures show Lotus Esprit, Elise, Elite, and Elan concepts in various picturesque locations around Hollywood. Notably absent is the four-door Eterne.

These models are part of Lotus' new direction under CEO Dany Bahar, who aims to take Lotus upscale and take on the likes of his former employer Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin. As of now, they all use Toyota powertrains ranging from an I-4 in the Elise to a range-topping supercharged, V-8 with KERS in the Esprit. Bahar however, hasn't ruled out designing and building in-house V-8s and V-6s for the Esprit and Elan respectively.

As of now, these pictures are the best we have of Lotus' future lineup as only the Esprit has been confirmed for development right now. We'll have to wait until 2014 to sample the brand's flagship supercar, but we hope it's worth the wait.

Source: Lotus

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