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Lotus Crates Limited Edition Exige S Type 72

To commemorate one of the greatest Formula 1 cars in history, Lotus is building a limited edition Exige S Type 72, painted in the same black-and-gold livery found on the old Type 72 F1 car.

Built upon a standard Exige S with the Sport Pack, the Type 72 edition is largely a cosmetic enhancement. In addition to the gloss black paint and gold striping, the car receives a hand-painted gold "Type 72" logo on the front fenders, and special lightweight gold and black wheels.

Inside, the Exige S Type 72 receives an interior trimmed in black, highlighted by gold accents. Black microfiber sports seats are embroidered with the same logo as brandished on the front fenders, while a special build plate helps remind occupants that the original Type 72 managed to snag 20 Grand Prix victories in its day.

The Lotus Exige S Type 72 starts at €40,332 ($57,590) in Europe for the 220-hp model, but the more potent Exige S 240 powerplant can be ordered as an option at an undisclosed price. Lotus will produce only a limited number of these cars for worldwide consumption; 20 are headed to the UK, another 20 are headed to mainland Europe, and a limited run will be available in Japan and other selected markets around the world, which likely will include a small number for the U.S.

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