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Los Angeles 2010: VW Freshens the 2012 Eos Just in Time For Winter

The recent corporate shuffle at Volkswagen of America may have explained the oh-so-brief press conference arranged to unveil the revamped 2012 Eos convertible at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Instead of the typical executive song and dance and detailed introduction, VW gave us a quick "here it is," introduced Heidi Klum, and promptly wrapped things up.

First launched in 2006, the Eos has remained mostly unchanged over its production run. Initially offered with either a V-6 or a turbo four-cylinder the hardtop convertible has been returned steady -- but slow -- sales. Perhaps a makeover, which gifts the Eos with Volkswagen's new corporate styling language, may help the car's fortunes.

The real take away here may be the lack of news at the news conference. With a new midsize sedan on the horizon, no public plans announced for a new motorsports series to take the place of the successful TDI Cup, we expected more. Possibly a peak or whisper of an upcoming Golf R, maybe a Scirocco rumor, but nothing of the sort happened. If VW is serious about being the world's largest car maker in less than a decade, this would have been a great opportunity to launch something huge.

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