Lazzarini Design Creates a Retro Hover Car Concept

20th century luxury meets 21st century Italian fantasy

Most flying cars look pretty silly, and this concept by Lazzarini Design does too, but it’s also kind of intriguing. It is based on an Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 luxury car from the early 1920s and maybe even a few high-powered vacuum cleaners, too.

Instead of relying on a straight-eight engine or electric motors, this fantasy is all hover power and features four smallish turbine engines. It could hypothetically fly at speeds over 342 mph, according to Lazzarini—which would be plenty fast if the idea could actually fly.

The Rome, Italy-based design house produced an elaborate video of its latest creation that would also look at home in a “Blade Runner” movie—minus a few blasters for replicant removal.

“Think about the future, never forget the past,” is the Roman studio’s motto gleaned from the company’s website.

The hypothetical hover car seats two, measures approximately 177-inches across, and its four jet engines are mounted on an extremely light carbon-fiber body structure.

“It turns left and right by the release of the available air inside the turbines. To facilitate the stability of the vehicle while flying, additional adjustable flaps are located below the chassis of the jet car,” according to Lazzarini Design’s Vimeo page.

No other details were provided, but you can check out the company’s detailed fantasy video below.