Lamborghinis Descend onto the Transfagarasan Highway

Rampaging bulls invade Transylvania

The road is known locally as Ceausescu’s folly. Around the world it’s known as one of the best driving roads thanks to three former BBC presenters. To everyone else, the Transfagarasan Highway is just a beautifully scenic stretch of road that connects Romania’s historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia.

But it’s because of those three presenters, which every car nut aches to one day drive the sinuous stretch of mountain highway in something low, loud, and lean. Unfortunately, most don’t have the luxury of purchasing a ticket to Romania and then scoring some half-million-dollar supercar to play around with for a couple days.

However, the owners of three Lamborghinis — a Huracán Performante, and two Huracán LP-580-2s, a spider and a hard top — do, and decided they’d go for a nice road trip through Vlad the Impaler’s ancient home.

Like three angrily growling Skittles, the blue, green, and yellow Huracáns descended upon the steep hairpin mountain switchbacks, yowling as their driver’s pushed the high-strung naturally aspirated V-10s to their upper octaves. It is a symphony in V-10 sharp.

The road, if you can even call it a road, it’s more like an spiritual experience, was built in the Carpathian Mountains in the early 1970s during the brutal rule of Nicolae Ceausecscu, the country’s second, and last, Communist leader.

The video itself is all-too short, just giving us a small taste of what the road, and the cars, are like. We only see the three cars really pootling along, never the manic Jason Bourne-esque shaky cam that the BBC employed.

Hopefully, there’s more waiting to be released, as that’s something we’d absolutely love to see. At least until we figure out how to expense a trip to Romania.