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Lamborghini Zagato 5-95 Debuts At Villa d'Este

Milanese coachbuilding company Zagato used the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Italy to reveal its newest creation, a one-off model called the Lamborghini 5-95. Based on the standard Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4, the car was commissioned by a collector to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Zagato.

The Lamborghini Zagato 5-95 starts with a wide-mouth front grille opening and parenthesis-shaped air intakes, leading to a wraparound windshield with dark A-pillars, Zagato's signature double-bubble roof, and a black scoop on the roof that directs power to the mid-mounted engine. A small panel ahead of the windshield serves as a wind deflector that is said to reduce drag over the wipers, and also to, "increase to the perceived length of the [hood]."

The roof leads into a tinted wraparound rear window, before terminating in a decklid that was deliberately shortened compared to that of a standard Lamborghini Gallardo, with a black mesh panel between the circular taillights, four exhaust tips protruding from the lower bumper, and an electrically activated active rear wing.

Although Zagato has been around since 1919, meaning this year marks the company's 95th anniversary, the coachbuilder didn't connect with Lamborghini until 1965, when two 350 GTs were transformed into the Lamborghini 3500 GTZ.

Collector Albert Spiess, who commissioned this car, already owns several extremely rare cars, including both the 1985 Aston Martin V8 Zagato and the more recent 2012 Aston Martin V12 Zagato. "I always appreciated the ability of Zagato to create timeless lines with a forceful visual impact," he said in a statement. "I believe that a sensual design inspired by nature, together with the best technology, strike a perfect balance that is possible to achieve only in Italy."