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Meet the Lambo Urus ST-X, a Fully Race-Prepped SUV. Really.

Lighter and sharper, this big bull is ready to rip both on and off-road.

As if the Urus weren't quick enough, now Lamborghini will build a racing version. The track-spec Urus ST-X was previewed as a concept in late 2018, but now Squadra Corse, the brand's motorsports division, has announced official details of the track-special SUV and its competition schedule.

Lightness is key to any successful race car, and to that extent Lamborghini fitted a carbon-fiber hood to reduce weight over the front end. The hood also features new intakes to allow additional cool air to reach the engine. At the rear, a larger carbon-fiber rear wing provides downforce, while a racing exhaust system should shave a few pounds and add a few decibels. The interior has been enhanced for track duty as well with the addition of racing seats and a roll bar.

Output remains unchanged at 641 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque from the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. Combined with the same eight-speed automatic transmission and torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system of the standard car, that should prove sufficient to keep Urus ST-X drivers moving at race pace.

Lamborghini has only announced a single race for the vehicle so far. It's set to take place at Misano Circuit on Italy's east coast during the 2020 Super Trofeo World Finals, the culmination of the brand's Huracán-based racing series. Winners from that series will be invited to compete against renowned car and motorcycle race drivers. Lamborghini says the race will take place on a "special track," which will hopefully combine tarmac and dirt.

The Urus ST-X makes clear that Lamborghini considers its SUV a performance vehicle like any of its other offerings. Much like the Huracán has been upfitted to Performante spec and the Aventador transformed into the fire-breathing SVJ, the preparation of the Urus for competition seems to indicate a hotter version is on the way. We're eager to see what components and knowledge from the ST-X program may eventually make their way onto that vehicle. Until then, it'll be great to watch a herd of these big bulls stampede across a racetrack.

This article originally appeared on MotorTrend.