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Lamborghini posts Global Sales Increase for 2008

Along with the likes of Jaguar and Audi, Lamborghini was one of the few automakers that witnessed gains in 2008 sales figures. In fact, the Italian supercar company sold a whopping 24 more cars this year raising their global sales to 2430.

The 1% increase, albeit small, is still a wonder given the economic and financial conditions. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. market posted the biggest decline where sales fell by 20.3%. Making up for losses in one of Lambo's largest markets, its Middle East and Far Eastern sales jumped by surprising rates. Sales were up 66% to 166 in the Middle East, while China sales were up 157%.

The company considers its current line up the most attractive in its 46 year history. Under its current owner, Audi AG, its products are more reliable and the brand is rapidly expanding in new markets.

We hope the sales increase is enough to convince Lamborghini to build the gorgeous Estoque sedan it unveiled at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. What better way than a super sedan to ensure continued sales gains for years to come?