KW Automotive Gives the 2012 Chrysler 300 Wings

KW Automotive has released pictures of its new wing door hinge kit for the 2012 Chrysler 300. Built in Germany by its LSD Doors division, the new wing door hinge kit is a bolt-on affair and doesn’t require welding or painting to install. It bolts to the same mounting points as the factory hinges do on the A-pillar and door.

The LSD kit comes with everything needed to transform the stock doors to “Lambo” style wing doors. The kit includes a cable kit, mounting hardware, and accessories, as well as LSD’s Guided Roller System (GRS). Initially the door opens out 30 degrees like a conventional door hinge kit; then it rotates up. The GRS uses an adjustable roller guide to control the door as it opens out and rotates up through its two-dimensional travel. Adjustable, mechanical stops hold the doors in the open position while preventing the doors from opening too far.

KW Automotive and LSD Doors says its wing door hinge kits passed a side-impact crash test at one of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority’s accredited laboratories and complies with European Directive 96/27/EC and comes with a German TÜV Parts Certificate. KW Automotive didn’t mention whether the door hinge kit met U.S. Federal safety standards.

Source: KW Automotive

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