Kia Unveils Batman-Themed Optima Limited as Part of Charity Work

Yes, we all know that Batman’s ride of choice goes between the latest Lamborghini and some sort of Wayne Industries wheeled creation. But what would the masked crusader drive when he was just looking to, say, commute to work? Kia and DC Entertainment are betting it would be this special Kia Optima SX Limited.

The Optima SX Limited is the first creation to come out of a 10-month partnership between Kia and the famous superhero factory that will see all sorts of fun creations based on the members of the Justice League. It’s based on the standard Optima SX Limited, which combines a 274-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter I-4 engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and various interior and exterior appointments to take the Optima up-market.

While some of the Limited tweaks stay with the Batman car (like the electronic parking brake, and LED running lights), most have been changed or upgraded. Kia and Rides Magazine stripped out the standard leather trim and added black leather and suede, complete with custom yellow accent stitching. Just in case the driver gets into trouble, the trunk is outfitted with a Batsuit and a few useful throwing stars. Should Batman (or his brood) get bored, there are two headrest-mounted TV monitors.

The chrome wheels from the Limited are gone, and in their place sit four 20-inch black wheels that cover Ksport disc brakes. There’s a performance exhaust system to turn the sleepy sedan into a louder one, and artists installed a custom bat-wing front grille and etched the Batman symbol into the standard HID headlights. Topping it all off is a matte- and piano-black paint schemewith plenty of yellow LED lights inside and out.

Will this car ever go on sale? Of course not. But it will have a chance to make a difference anyways: it’ll go on display this week at the Time Warner Center in New York City as part of the We Can Be Heroes campaign to combat hunger in the horn of Africa.

Source: Kia

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