Kelly Murphy: 2012 Year In Review

Photo By Patrick Cavan Brown, May 2012, “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’Em.” (top)

I love this photo because it captures a wagon doing the complete opposite of what comes to mind when someone says the words “Station Wagon.”

Photography by Darren Heath, January 2012, “What’s hiding in McLaren’s Shed.”

An insightful look into the McLaren’s storage vault. The image takes my mind on a rollercoaster of thoughts wondering what is in each corner, what it was used for, and what influence each piece had on the company and industry.




Photography by Jonathan David, August 2012, “Datsun Rising”

This was one of many great photos from the shoot. I was sad that the editors felt it needed to be removed from print, but we did include it in the iPad version. This photo captures how great it is to work with Ezra. It illustrates his personality and energy perfectly all in great composition.




Photography by Jonathan David, October 2012, “Respect your Elders”

Just picture postcard perfect! Reminds me why I love the roads in Tennessee.





Photography by Brian Konoske, September 2012, “Postmodern Porsche”

Brian is great with documentaries, which makes it difficult when you are restricted to a certain amount of space in the magazine. So many great photos to choose from, which is why we published extras on the iPad. Love the lighting/glare and the natural habitat of this fine car, the open road.




Photography by A.J. Mueller, December 2012, “Four-Seasons Wrap”

One of the many reasons I love working with A.J is his attitude. I throw an idea at him, and ask, “Can we do it? More importantly can you do it?” His response is always a resounding and enthusiastic, “#$!%Yeah!  Lets Go!”




Photography by A.J. Mueller, January 2012, “Automobile of the Year”

A stunningly composed photo through and through. Every time I see it I notice another detail, right down to the motion in the grass blades as they wave in the summer breeze.





Photography by A.J. Mueller, August 2012, “200MPH for the Masses”

Visual icons resound in many ways. From the cars to the ice cream stand, the color, contrast, and positioning make this one of those photos you want to just walk right into. Hold my cone, while I take a lap around the block!





Photography by A.J. Mueller, May 2012, “Top Down, Up North.”

An incredible photo that shows the essence of the Sno*drift event and culture. The trees towering above a spectrum of light as the cars race mere feet from bystanders.





Photography by Greg Pajo, August 2012, “Roadster Roundup.”

Those fields seem to have a roadster infestation! Sometimes after pushing the limits of test cars all day, they need to rest. Even on the shaded side of the cars, they are lit beautifully in this Zen-like environment.





Photography By Andrew Trahan, September 2012, “1954 Kaiser Darrin – Collectible Classic”

So much style, texture, and history in one single photo.






Photography by Andrew Yeadon, November 2012, “Following the Weston Star”

Give this man enough cigarettes, Starbucks coffee, talk the whole image out, and Andrew Yeadon will amaze you. This was one of his “Trust me on this, mate” ideas. Original and creative, and he traced the steps of one of his favorite photographers.

— Kelly Murphy