Just Listed: Four Chevrolet Corvette C4 Challenge Cars

The ultimate 1980s showroom stock racing team

Sure, you could take your hard-earned cash and shuffle it away for investment, but might we suggest something a little more adventurous? If you’ve got a decent nest egg saved up, Barrett-Jackson’s upcoming Scottsdale sale has four race-ready C4 Chevrolet Corvettes up for grabs, the perfect way to start a vintage family-and-friends race team on a budget.

Thanks to low secondhand prices, period styling, and a goofy and unreliable digital dash, the C4 Corvette is often the subject of ridicule. During its heyday, however, the C4 was a racing force, dominating the SCCA Showroom Stock series to such a degree that the SCCA banned it from further competition.

To placate Chevrolet and Corvette fans, the SCCA quickly whipped together a Corvette-only Showroom Stock series under the Corvette Challenge series. Thanks to a field of identical ‘Vettes and top-tier drivers (including our own Andy Pilgrim), the racing was immense, usually involving full-contact moments. Unfortunately, the series lasted just two years before rising costs led to its discontinuation.

Only three of the C4s going up for grabs in Scottsdale are from the Challenge series. The fourth car has a more stripped-down interior when compared to the near-stock Challenge cars, but we’d imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to bring it into spec with the other three.

Head over to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale catalogue to bid on these four C4 Corvettes, beginning January 14.

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