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Just Listed: 1978 Ford Ranchero

Big, brash, and brown beauty

Not into the strange proportions of the 1962 Jeep FC-150 we posted earlier? No problem, we've got the next best thing. On the opposite end of the truck spectrum comes this Bring a Trailer-listed 1978 Ford Ranchero, a Malaise-Era ute that's as big as it is long.

If you're a big fan of the clean, classic lines of earlier Rancheros, you might want to look away. This one is big, brash, and very, very brown. The late '70s are alive and well inside this Ranchero, right down to its angular, Tie Fighter-shaped front-end.

Powering this behemoth is a period-standard 5.8-liter (351-ci) V-8, pushing out a meek 149 hp and a brawnier 275 lb-ft of torque. Power is managed by a lazy three-speed Ford FMX automatic transmission, which routs torque to the rear wheels. It isn't fast, but it sounds and looks dramatic, which is half the battle.

This Ranchero is a clean example thought to have stayed in dry Arizona its entire life. Paint still looks shiny, as does the bed, the latter thanks to some older spray-in bedliner.

Inside, it's mostly original aside from a modified center console nestled between newer Mercedes bucket leather seats.

If you want to relive your deepest, darkest Malaise-Era fantasies (or nightmares), head over to Bring a Trailer before it's scooped up.