Just Listed: 1964 Ford Econoline

A hard-working alternative to the VW Bus

You might not like to hear this, but as far as classic vans go, the Volkswagen Type 2 (VW Bus) isn’t the be-all-end-all of the segment. If you want the usability and slab-sided styling of a vintage van and are willing to dance to a different tune, check out Bring a Trailer’s sweet 1964 Ford Econoline.

Sure, it’s not as cutesy as the VW, but it’s likely more useable, thanks to larger interior dimensions, rear loading doors, and a more potent powertrain. While the VW and Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier relied on rear-mounted, aircooled flat-4 and flat-six powertrains (respectively), the Ford offered a traditional 2.8-liter inline-six engine situated between the front seats, offering more cargo room and likely more power.

It looks like this Econoline is ready to work, thanks to an empty rear interior space and recently refreshed vinyl and laminate surfaces. According to the current seller, the van was purchased two years ago, and was subsequently used for hauling artwork to local shows. During the short ownership, only 210 miles were racked up.

Overall, it’s in clean condition, with only minor reconditioning needed for the deteriorating window seals, leaky transmission seal, and passenger side rear-view-mirror. Two years ago, the six-cylinder was treated to a spa day that included a new master cylinder, fresh oil, and clean filter. For extra cooling duties, a modern aluminum radiator was fitted at some point.

It won’t grant you entrance to VW meetups, nor will it get the same adoring waves, but for a gentle, casual errand runner, this 1964 Ford Econoline is tough to beat. Check out the listing on Bring a Trailer before it disappears.