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Just Listed: 1962 Jeep FC-150

Cab-over pickup is cute, capable

As Jeep fans are ramping up for the pick-up variant of the next-generation Wrangler, we're reminded that this won't be the first Jeep with an open bed. Or even the second. Long before the arrival of the popular Comanche pickup in the late 1980s and the J-Series "Gladiator," the automaker offered a series of cab-over utility trucks. These cute little workhorses have never been more popular, and Bring a Trailer's got a clean one for sale if you just can't wait for the new truck.

The 1962 Jeep FC-150 you see here packs the same trusty 2.2-liter (134-ci) Hurricane I-4 that powered contemporary CJ Jeeps and Willys trucks. FC stands for "Forward Control," and as the name (and appearance) implies, it used the aforementioned cab-over drivetrain layout, a design that places the cab on top of the front axle. In addition to its unusual layout, the Jeep FC has a short wheelbase, making it quite maneuverable on- and off-road.

This particular FC appears to be in good shape, wearing a handsome gray-over-red-wheels color scheme. The seller says the interior was recently refreshed with new paint and reworked vinyl seat cover. It's mechanically sound as well; the current owner claims the carburetor has been rebuilt, the timing cover gasket is new, and the condenser is a replacement. Aside from a small, dime-sized leak from the transmission and transfer case, everything is said to be ship-shape.

Really, there's not much that needs to be done to make this a comfortable weekend off-road cruiser. Head over to Bring a Trailer to check this adorable off-roader before it's gone.