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Just Listed: 1959 Pontiac Catalina

A big-body Pontiac with bright red paint, tailfins, and three on the tree

We spend a lot of time waxing poetic about big-money European thoroughbreds, tiny Japanese classics, vintage offroad gems, and clean 1990s survivors. Midcentury Detroit iron is woefully underrepresented, so Bring a Trailer's 1959 Pontiac Catalina is perfect for rounding everything out.

This is from the short lived, two-year run of Catalinas from 1959 to 1960, when the Catalina badge made its first appearance as a replacement for the Chieftan and Super Chief models. The short run was split into two distinct model years, with a different style for both 1959 and 1960. The 1959 is the handsomest and most charming of the two, featuring a split grille, tailfins, and partially hidden rear wheels, a collective of design features that embody the 1950s.

This particular Catalina remains in solid driving condition, with almost $6,000 spent on a recent refurbishment. The service included a suspension overhaul, new timing gears and covers, fresh water pump, new belts, a tuneup, and fluid change.

The car was purchased by its previous owner in 1984 as a project and received a repaint of the current Mandalay Red, eventually making its way to the current owner in 2013. Power comes from a 6.4-liter (389 cu-in) Tempest V-8, drinking through a two-barrel carburetor. Two-hundred-thrity-five horsepower is sent to the rear wheels through a three-on-the-tree, column-shift manual transmission.

Inside, the striking white-and-red cabin is believed to wear newer upholstery and carpets, and appears to be in good condition. All gauges and the radio are in working condition.

It won't break any drag-strip records, but it looks great, makes all the right sounds, and is an effortlessly comfortable way to enjoy a Saturday night cruise. Head over to Bring a Trailer to bid on this 1959 Pontiac Catalina before time runs out.