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Jaguar Transparent Pillar Technology Provides a 360 View

New system aims to eliminate blind spots altogether.

A new technology from Jaguar Land Rover aims to provide better driver visibility by eliminating blind spots created by the A, B, and C-Pillars of the car. This so-called "transparent pillar" system uses various cameras and screens to project the view from outside the car onto the interior pillars, giving the appearance of a see-through car body.

Essentially, the system works through a screen mounted on each pillar that connects to a live video feed of the area outside the car. Then, when a driver looks to the left or right, the screen displays the video feed, allowing the driver to see what's on the other side of the pillar, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles. Jaguar thinks that this system will help eliminate blind spots and help the driver view the surroundings of the car in a full 360-degree perspective, rather than just through the glass area of the vehicle.

The company is especially keen to combine this pillar technology with the previously announced "virtual windscreen" system that is essentially an enhanced head-up display. Though previously detailed in a racing context, JLR says that the virtual windscreen can also be used for enhanced active driving assistant features like highlighting pedestrians or other vehicles and even using a "follow-me" feature that would project a ghost car in front to indicate navigation directions.

Both of these systems are in the concept phase at this point, so we don't yet know when the transparent pillars or virtual windscreens might be integrated into production cars. Look for more news on these technologies in the near future and check out the video below to see the systems in action.