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Is The Maserati 250F The World’s Greatest Racing Car?

There are plenty of legendary cars in the annals of motorsports history, but is the Maserati 250F the greatest of them all? According to Britian's Royal Automobile Club and Octane magazine, indeed it is.

The title was awarded to the Maserati following a poll of Octane readers, who picked it over legendary rolling stock like the Auto Union Type C, Lotus 49, and Mercedes-Benz W196.

That's not to say the Italian open-wheel GP car isn't without merit. Between 1954 and 1958, it won an astonishing 55 races, including the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix at the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio. With Sir Sterling Moss at the wheel, the car was victorious at the 1956 Monaco and Italian Grands Prix.

Sir Moss is still fond of the Maserati - not only did he nominate it for voting, but claims he "won affection for the 250F because it was the car that gave me my first proper break in Formula One."