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Hyundai Opens Test Center at Nurburgring, Gets Ready for Monte Carlo

With growth seemingly constrained only by a self-imposed production capacity moratorium, there aren't many areas of automobiledom that Hyundai hasn't already conquered. But one item missing from its portfolio of global facilities was a permanent outpost at the Mecca of automotive testing, Germany's Nürburgring. That omission will be rectified with the opening of Hyundai's new test center at the 'Ring, opening in August 2013.

That situation is about to change come August 2013, when the Korean auto giant will open a four-story test center trackside. The building will feature workshops, office space, and a VIP hospitality area. The facility is approximately 100 miles northwest of Hyundai's current European research and development headquarters in Rüsselheim, Germany. The Nürburgring test center will allow accelerated durability tests on up to 11 vehicles, in which vehicles are subjected to over 100,000 miles of severe driving conditions in a matter of weeks.

In related Hyundai European news, testing is going well for Hyundai Motorsport's i20 WRC rally car. The race car underwent a 341-mile, five day intensive shakedown run in preparation for the car's racing debut at the 2014 Monte Carlo rally in Monaco. The i20 WRC's development took place at Hyundai's Namyang R&D center in Korea, with final validation taking place at Hyundai Motorsport's European headquarters near Alzenau, Germany.

Source: Hyundai

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