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Flashy Hyundai Grandmaster Concept Sends Big Message

Is this Hyundai’s new three-row crossover?

After neglecting the crossover category for too long, Hyundai is finally filling out its lineup with the new Kona and updated versions of the Tucson and Santa Fe. At the Busan auto show in Korea, Hyundai showed off a concept SUV that hints at another new entry.

We wonder if this concept, dubbed HDC-2 Grandmaster, previews the new three-row crossover Hyundai plans to launch. This model will slot above the Santa Fe with seating for up to eight passengers. As we previously reported, this vehicle could hit the market in 2019.

The Grandmaster concept takes design cues from the new Santa Fe, previously named the Santa Fe Sport. But Hyundai clearly took liberties when it came to the design of the wheels, taillights, and side windows. The concept's name comes from the game of chess, in which the champion is called the grandmaster.

"The concept vehicle is named to indicate that just as the sum of all chess pieces completes the game of chess, all forthcoming Hyundai vehicles will come to form a harmonious vehicle line-up demonstrating the Hyundai Look while each maintains distinctive character and role," the automaker said in a press release.

It sounds like the concept signals a new overall design direction for more than one Hyundai model. Hyundai says that, along with the recent Le Fil Rouge concept car, the Grandmaster carries the new design theme "Sensuous Sportiness," which will be applied to the automaker's future sedans and SUVs.