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627-HP 2015 Shelby American GT Mustang Fully Revealed

For those who think 435 hp is far too little.

Surrounded by gleaming rows of important and desirable automotive machinery, the 2015 Shelby American GT Mustang was unveiled by Shelby American at the 2015 Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, NV. The 2015 Shelby American GT is a follow up to the popular 2007-2008 Shelby GT, which featured a slight power bump, a modified suspension, an exterior appearance package, a modified rear-end ratio, and Shelby badging.

This new iteration of the Shelby American GT takes the performance modifications a little more seriously. Based on the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, Shelby begins its upgrades on the engine, where it installs a Ford Racing supercharger, turning the wick up from 435 hp on the base GT to a spine-compressing 627 hp on the Shelby GT. To accompany the great increase in power, Shelby installs a large, six-piston Wilwood brake kit to ensure the Shelby GT stops as quickly as it goes. The aural anger is directed through a new Borla exhaust, and the GT receives a 3.73 rear-axle ratio. WELD racing wheels are shod in 275/35 R20s in the front, and 305/30 R20s in the rear, giving the 627-hp Shelby GT a wide footprint.

This wouldn't be a proper Shelby product without the addition of some extensive exterior modifications, and in this regard, the Shelby American GT comes through with impeccable pedigree. The GT is equipped with a host of carbon fiber trim pieces scattered around the exterior, including a full-on carbon fiber hood, rocker panels, front splitter, rear decklid, and two-piece rear diffuser. Modified billet aluminum front grilles are added, and trademark Shelby stripes run down the length of the car. Inside, Shelby went to work in a characteristic manner, adding a numbered dash plaque and Shelby branded headrests. Additionally, the dash pod is carbon fiber, and the floor mats receive the Shelby badge.

Shelby developed a whole list of extra options for the Shelby American GT, as well. Buyers can opt to increase the insanity with a 700+ hp power upgrade, an upgraded cooling system, and an adjustable track suspension. There is a rear brake upgrade package, as well as a front brake cooling system to prevent as much brake fade as possible. The exterior carbon fiber bits can be painted to match, along with a custom interior on both stock and Recaro seats.

This is a post-title program, meaning the buyer or dealer is required to provide a 2015 Ford Mustang GT for conversion. The price for all this extra power? Prices start at $39,995, not including the initial purchase price of the Mustang GT. Shelby has opened up for orders, and the first vehicles will be delivered during the second quarter of 2015.

We were fortunate enough to drive this power-hungry Shelby prior to its debut. Take a look at what we found out here.