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How to Watch Every Top Gear Episode Online

You have questions, we have answers.

The U.K. 's Top Gear is available now on MotorTrend's streaming service and on the MotorTrend apps for iOS and Android. But with nearly 30 seasons of programming, just saying "Top Gear is here" could mean just about anything. So we decided to clear things up for you. Here are answers to the top frequently asked questions about how to watch Top Gear online on MotorTrend.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to watch Top Gear on MotorTrend?

A: Yes, our Ultimate Top Gear Collection is being offered exclusively to subscribers to MotorTrend's streaming service.

Q: How much Top Gear will I be able to watch?

A: Beginning August 30, MotorTrend online and app subscribers will have access to 170 episodes of Top Gear from seasons 2-25, plus the Top Gear U.K. India Special, 19 episodes (three seasons) of Top Gear: Extra Gear, plus episodes 1-5 of the MotorTrend-exclusive Best of Top Gear compilation. In total, more than 240 hours of programming are live today, August 30, with more to come.

Q: There will be more Top Gear content coming?

A: Yes, every Tuesday, we'll add more exclusive content to the MotorTrend app, including MotorTrend's Best of Top Gear series, a Top Gear U.K. special, plus seasons 1 and 2 of Richard Hammond's Crash Course, and seasons 1 and 2 of James May's Cars of the People, plus even more Top Gear-related content we can't tell you about yet.

Q: What took you so long to get Top Gear on MotorTrend?

A: We wanted to present the best possible experience, so we did a bunch of work improving our apps and streaming site to ensure an awesome viewing experience.

Q: What if I want to watch Top Gear on MotorTrend TV?

A: MotorTrend TV will air a special primetime block of Top Gear U.K. episodes from 8 p.m. ET until midnight over Labor Day Weekend (August 31-September 2). Plus, beginning September 3, one episode of Top Gear U.K. will air every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

Q: Can I use the MotorTrend app on Amazon FireTV?

A: Yes, you can! Just search and install.

Q: What about other streaming devices?

A: The MotorTrend app is also available on Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast. You can also watch directly via your browser.

Q: How much does all of this cost?

A: About as much as a fancy coffee! Access to all of MotorTrend's exclusive content costs just $4.99 per month or $49.99 for a whole year, including the entire Top Gear U.K. catalog.

Still have more questions about Top Gear on MotorTrend, or need help with the MotorTrend streaming service? Check out the full FAQ here.

The ultimate Top Gear U.K. collection is now available on the MotorTrend streaming service. Sign up for a free trial to binge the largest collection of Top Gear U.K. entertainment!

And that's not all! Every Tuesday starting September 3, MotorTrend will add to its incredible Top Gear U.K. collection with exclusive new episodes of Best of Top Gear U.K. , as well as full seasons of related series including Richard Hammond's Crash Course and James May's Cars of the People. In all, MotorTrend will roll out 40 Best of Top Gear U.K. episodes, and 46 episodes of motoring content from the BBC in addition to future seasons of Top Gear U.K.